About Silo Cottage

Hocking Hills Ohio

Sleeps 2
Welcome to Silo Cottage, a truly extraordinary retreat nestled in the heart of Hocking Hills, Ohio. Designed to host 2 guests, this unique vacation rental is a Grain Bin/Silo conversion, the very first of its kind in the Hocking Hills region. Step inside to discover the magic of its 25 ft ceilings, transforming this seemingly tiny house into a spacious haven. Silo Cottage boasts an array of exceptional features, including a fully stocked coffee, tea, and hot cocoa bar with convenient to-go cups, a front patio adorned with rocking chairs perfect for capturing hillside sunsets, and a covered back patio with plush furniture and two inviting macrame swings. Embrace the serenity of the backyard fire pit area, savor outdoor grilling with the gas grill, and prepare delicious meals in the cooktop, microwave/oven/air fryer combo. Stay entertained with Roku TV, cozy up to the fireplace, and stay connected with great internet access. Silo Cottage promises an unforgettable escape, complete with a generous Master Spa hot tub where you can unwind beneath the starry Hocking Hills skies. Your extraordinary getaway begins here.

side view of silo cottage
overview of silo cottage
firepit seating area
grill area
patio area with chairs
spa area
silo view tower
walk way to firepit area
garden area of silo
living room area with fireplace
side of living room area with open kitchen
white room style with high ceilings
living room into kitchen area
dark kitchen area with coffee
open kitchen plan
side of bed and living room area
bedroom to living room view
side view of kitchene area leading into bedroom
ceiling and lighting
view from bedroom entrance from kitchen
view of sunlight into room
view of bedroom headboard and nightstand
view of long bed with sunlight of wndows above
front view of toliet, vanity area of bathroom
bathroomleft side large mirror
side of bathroom area and shower
Cottage Features
  • Sleeps 2 guests
  • Fully stocked coffee, tea and hot cocoa bar with go cups so you can take your beverage with you
  • Front patio has rocking chairs perfect for watching the sun go down behind the hills
  • Our covered back patio has comfortable patio furniture
  • 2 macrame swings
  • The back yard also a beautiful fire pit area, with chairs
  • Gas grill with propane
  • Cooktop, microwave/oven/air fryer combo
  • Refrigerator with freezer
  • Roku TV
  • Fireplace
  • Great internet
  • Comfortable patio furniture
  • Generous Master Spa Hot tub
Cottage Rental Availability